Casted from a section of an old capital sourced from a demolisher, this piece that was originally made in wood and hand carved was covered in layers of synthetic paint, in a state of decay eaten by termites when found, belonging perhaps to an old house in Bangalore. Reminiscent of old architecture, heritage and craftsmen-ship, this piece draws upon the nostalgia of that history and transforms it into an object that belongs in the future, by preserving and regenerating it. As a site-specific installation it would resemble an excavation site with components of crumbling pillars and parts of the same piece  cast in resin and cement that glow and shimmer hidden within mounds of silica and metal dust that form the debris. Having a element of discovery and mystery attached to the unearthing this contemporary relic, the work is presented as an archeological site of the future,  elevating the piece and gives it a new narrative of a contemporary relic. 

Excavating Dust : Detail of light emitting from sculpture seen from two different angles.

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