These series of works based on Bombay, tell narratives of a city through its architectural history, following a similar colour palette of browns, greys, copper, blue & white. The blue shapes & colour represent the slums, being synonymous with the tarp covers that make the roofs of the slum housing. Specs of orange painted in some of the works are symbolic of the political influence in the city. Several of the works such as 'Gates to Heaven' and 'The 8th Island Discriminates,' are a comment on the gated communities that lure people with tag lines such as "Reside in new heights of happiness". Being self-sufficient like small kingdoms they hide the poverty, disparity and filth that surrounds them and promise a better life. A few of the works such as 'Elevated within new foundations,' and '875 square inches of the city,' reference old and new architecture with geometric lines, patterns and shapes interconnecting to reflect an urban space. Motifs and patterns of Indian design are block printed and painted on contrasted with contemporary designs that reflect the rich culture of the country and my biography as an artist, with the series of works such as 'mapping the terrain,' created on old maps and stamp paper. 

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